iPhone Repair in Moscow and St. Petersburg

You can find the lowest prices for iPhone repair in Moscow - just select your device, the problem, then prices will be displayed on the site for various services in your city.

Work is carried out by outstanding professionals with considerable experience in mobile devices repair.

144 Apple repair services in Moscow

We are presenting info about 144 service centers in Moscow in various areas of the city.

Want to find a specific service near the subway station? Please use the filter function, where you can also specify the location of the service, work schedule, even prices.

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Service/Model iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
Replacing the display from 800 rub. from 800 rub. from 1250 rub. from 1250 rub. from 1400 rub. from 1400 rub. from 1400rub. from 7700 rub. from 16000 rub.
Home Button Repair from 250 rub. from 250 rub. from 550 rub. from 550 rub. from 499 rub. from 650 rub. from 700 rub. from 1000 rub. from 1000 rub.
Sleep/Wake Power Button Repair from 520 rub. from 520 rub. from 700 rub. from 700 rub. from 800 rub. from 900 rub. from 1000 rub. from 990 rub. from 990 rub.
Back Camera Replacement from 500 rub. from 500 rub. from 499 rub. from 499 rub. from 850 rub. from 800 rub. from 1100 rub. from 1990 rub. from 1990 rub.
Housing Repair from 1000 rub. from 1000 rub. from 350 rub. from 350 rub. from 1700 rub. from 1700 rub. from 1700 rub. from 1000 rub. from 1000 rub.

Cheap iPhone repair  

Prices for iPhone repair

On this site you will find the company data with the lowest prices for the iPhone repair. And you can quickly find the information you need - after selecting your device, problem which you need to solve, the list of centers with their rates immediately open on your screen. For example, the replacement of the display on the iPhone 5 starts from 2300 rubles.

The warranty for iPhone repair

Mandatory warranty provided by repairers service centers for its work and also covers replacement parts. The specialists in represented companies are working with components not lower than AAA-class, so yours refurbished iPhone will serve you for a long time.

iPhone repair at home with the departure of the master

If you want to repair the iPhone at home with the departure of the master, you can call the hotline 8-800-775-90-67 and site-operators will certainly advise the appropriate service and will request a call of our specialist.

Just clarify convenient time, model of your device and problem which you have.

Repairman will arrive at the agreed time and will make all required restoration work quickly and efficiently.

Departure of the iPhone repair master will save your time and money

Many customers have recently prefer iPhone repair at home. This is not surprising, because the departure of the master at your home really saves you time and money, as well as save your nerves.

It should be noted, prices for iPhone repair at home do not differ from the implementation of a similar set-up at the office of the service company. The master also provides the warranty and period of this warranty is not less than the duration of the same warranty of a specialized center.

Warranty on repairs iPhone



If you want to have additional information regarding the required repairs iPhone, specify thecharacteristics of the service centers, please use the hotline 8-800-775-90-67. Operators will quickly answer your questions and help you with navigation among the proposals of service centers and advise the appropriate center to repair Apple.

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